Illinois State Police certified Concealed Carry Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO)
NRA Pistol Instructor
NRA Rifle Instructor
NRA Personal Protection In the Home Instructor
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor
NRA “Refuse To Be A Victim” Presenter


"Defensive Folding Knife" - Hoffner Training Academy (2016)
"Low Light Training"  - Red Dot (2015)

"Firearm Survival Tactics" - Concealed Carry Expo (2015)
“Self Defense and the Law” – United Risk International, LLC (2012)
“Emergency Medical Response for Firearms Instructors” - Spartan Tactical Training, LLC (2012)
“Dynamic Force-On-Force Confrontational Training Course” - Academy of Tactical Training and Security, LLC (2012)
“Close Quarters Threat Management” - Personal Responsibility, Inc. (2011)
“Bulletproof Mind” seminar - Lt. Col. David Grossman (2011)
“Basic Defensive Pistol” - Gunsite Academy (2010)
“Tactical Rifle/Close Quarter Carbine” – Illinois State Rifle Association (2010)


NRA Concealed Carry Expo (Firearms Inspector) - Milwaukee (2017)

NRA Annual Meeting - Atlanta (2017)
NRA Annual Meeting (Firearms Inspector) - Louisville (2016)
NRA Annual Meeting - Nashville (2015)
NRA Annual Meeting (Firearms Inspector) - Indianapolis (2014) 
NRA Annual Meeting - Houston (2013)
NRA Annual Meeting (Firearms Inspector) - St. Louis (2012)
North Suburban Police Pistol League (NSPPL) Associate Member (2011 – )

Instructor/Range Officer – NRA Youth Shooting Camp – Richmond (IL) Hunting Club (2013)
Range officer; competitor - Action Shooting Sports Association - tactical three-gun competition - (2006 – 2014)
Range master, NRA firearms instructor, Wholesale, retail firearms sales; Outdoor Sportsman - Waukegan, IL (1980 – 1984)
Range master - Outdoor Sportsman Combat Pistol League (1982-1984)

Range master, action pistol competitor - Northern Illinois Shooters Association (1977 – 1984)

Action pistol competitor - State Line Combat Pistol League (1977 -1980)  



     "serving northeast Illinois and southeast wisconsin"

I began competitive tactical shooting in the late 1970s and became a certified firearms instructor and range master in the early 1980s while working at a large public range and firearms retailer. In 2014 I retired from government service after 17 years as an investigator for a federal agency.

We are firm believers in the Second Amendment and the right of law-abiding citizens to own and use firearms lawfully and safely.  Toward that end, we are committed to assisting them in maintaining and improving their knowledge, skills, and ability. We take pride in continuing our professional education so that we can provide the best possible training for our clients.

Our style of instruction is informal and personal. While we have seen other instructors charge “bargain-basement” prices, then crowd their students into classrooms, we prefer to limit the size of our classes so that every student is treated as an individual. 

As your instructors, we will not try to impress you by using military or law enforcement terms that you may not understand.

As your instructors, we believe there are no dumb questions. We will answer your questions honestly and without making you feel embarrassed. If we do not know the answer, we will tell you so.

As your instructors, we will give you our full attention, and we will expect you to give us yours.

As your instructors, we will teach you the basic firearm safety rules and we will expect you to follow them, just as we do.

As your instructors, we recognize that everyone’s physiques and abilities are different. While we are unbending about firearm safety, we will teach you the fundamentals and options about your equipment and techniques, then help you find what works best for you. In short, if it’s safe and it works, then it’s right for you.

As your instructors, we will teach you new skills and, as your skills improve, we will challenge them, for that is how we grow.  However, we will never challenge you beyond your ability to meet them.

We look forward to meeting you soon. 

Be safe,
Ken Jamin 

Owner - Professsional Firearms Training, Illinois, LLC