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How much credit can I receive for prior training toward the 16-hour training requirement for my Illinois Concealed Carry permit?

Eight hours credit may be given for applicants who have completed any of the following: 

NRA Basic Pistol
NRA Personal Protection In The Home
NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home
Active, Retired or Honorably Discharged member of the US Armed Forces
Previously qualified law enforcement or corrections officer 

Four hours credit may be given to applicants for each of the following training classes, up to a maximum of eight hours:

Illinois Hunter Safety Course
Concealed Carry for: Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Utah.
Chicago Firearms Safety Course

You will need to provide a legible copy of your supporting document(s) for our secure records, as required by the state. The state recognizes that some documents, such as military Record of Service, DD-214, may contain some personal information, e.g., SSN, etc. which may be redacted from the copy.  However, do NOT alter your original document.  If you believe you qualify for partial credit, please contact us for confirmation BEFORE you register. 

How do I choose the right instructor?  When choosing a firearms or concealed carry instructor, here’s some questions to ask them and here’s our answers . . .

Q.  How much experience do your instructors have?
PFT: Our instructors have many years of experience training beginners and seasoned shooters.  We also practice and participate regularly in tactical shooting competition.

Q   What instructor certifications do your instructors hold?
PFT: Illinois State Police Certified Concealed Carry Instructor, NRA Certified Pistol, Certified Rifle, Personal Protection In The Home, Personal Protection Outside The Home, Refuse To Be A Victim, Range Safety Officer

Q.  What training have your instructors had?
PFT: In addition to NRA training, we have completed training from Gunsite Academy, Personal Responsibility Institute (PRI), Illinois State Rifle Assn., United Risk International, Spartan Tactical and more.

Q.   Do your instructors continue their education and training?
PFT: We are always continuing our education and training so that we can provide our students with the latest information about equipment, techniques and changes in the laws.

Q    Do you crowd as many students as possible into your classroom to increase your profits?
PFT: We limit our class size so that we can give you the personal attention you deserve.

Q.   Will I be able to ask questions, or just listen to a lecture?
PFT: We believe that students learn best in a relaxed atmosphere where interaction is encouraged and they are free to ask questions without feeling embarrassed.

Q.In addition to the minimum training required for my CCW Permit, what other relevant topics will be addressed?
PFT:  In addition to the training required by the state of Illinois, we address such subjects as selecting the right firearm and method of carry for you; avoiding confrontations through Situational Awareness; surviving Active Shooter/Terrorist incidents in public venues; proper interaction with law enforcement after a deadly force incident and more.

Q. Will you help me choose my first firearm?
PFT: The final choice of a firearm will be yours but to help you make that decision, we provide a wide variety of firearms, holsters, concealed carry handbags and accessories for you to examine in class. And we never charge our students for a phone consultation.

Q. Will you permit me to test-fire your firearms WITHOUT CHARGE, so that I can try different sizes, calibers and features before I buy my own firearm?
PFT: Yes and, unlike most instructors, we never charge our students to test-fire our firearms.

Q. Will I be allowed to attend future classes for “refresher training” without paying a training fee?

PFT: Our “alumni” are always welcome to “sit in” on the same class in the future on a “space-available” basis without paying a new training fee.